Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Call of Duty 4 Hacks by

Call of Duty 4 Hacks

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MultiKill: Kill up to 10 people in 10 seconds! It's that fast!
Autoshoot: Locks on and fires for you
Prediction: Helps you when your ping goes up.
Vecz Asjust: Adjust various settings on the aimbot
Crosshair: Solid crosshair in the middle of the screen
Aimthruwalls: This allows you to see the enemy behind a wall and kill him
NOTE: This aimbot is so fast and so good you can sit in the middle of a map, hold down the aimbot button and it will kill enenmy after enemy after enemy for you.

Name: Shows the name of all players
Weapon: Shows the weapon the player is using
Distance: Shows you how far away the player is from you
Grenade: Shows you the grenades being tossed at you
Bounding Boxes: Shows bounding boxes around all players

Stats & Sounds

Kill Stat & Sounds: Keeps track of your ingame kills with sounds!
Kill Count / Sound Played
15 kills - Taken the lead
20 kills - Killing spree
25 kills - Dominating
30 kills - Rampage
35 kills - Unstoppable
40 kills - God Like

No Recoil
Norecoil Patch: Look ma, no recoil on any weapons!

Cvar Unlocker
Use to enter various codes in the console


Auto-Random Vote (antikick): Guess what? They can't kick you! Our system calls a kick vote on other players 1 by 1 so nobody can ever start a kick vote against you!

No sheel shock & no flash bang effects

Vision Security

Peace of mind with the Vision Security system. If the hack is ever detected we shut it off so you can't use it until we code a new version. This keeps you safe from a ban.

PB & SS Proof + Clear View
PB Proof: Currently 100% undetected by PunkBuster. Simply check our forum daily for detection status before playing. If PunkBuster detects it we will recode and release a new build FREE!
Clean SS: If an admin screenshots you it returns a clean SS.
Clear View: If another player spectates you they don't see the hack.

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