Thursday, August 21, 2008

Call of Duty 4 Hacks by R4Z8R

R4Z8R has released his new Call of Duty 4 Hacks with the first ever 3D bounding boxes and other great features. You can download these COD4 Hacks at our website

* SS Cleaner/Blocker (with Anti-SS offset finder and optionally updateable Anti-SS offset)
This cleans or blocks any PB screenshot of you cheating. =)
Shows the following hints:
- X-Hair upon other players heads
- 3D Bounding Boxes exactly showing other players position, pose and direction
* Chams (team-based: enemies red/orange, teammates blue/green)
Shows different colors on screen to help you spot the enemy better
* Custom Crosshair
Big crosshair in the middle of your screen
* Minimap
Show all enemy on the minimap at all times (now even on Hardcore servers)
* Nametags
Shows you the names of other players
* Zoom-Hack
Lets you change the zoom level of your weapon when zoomed in, either in Auto-Zoom mode (Zoom will be adjusted depending on distance to next enemy) or with a predefined zoom modifier
* Removals:
Removes everything listed below from screen
- No Fog
- No Smoke
- No Grass
- No Rain
- No Sprites
- No Recoil
* Unlock Console (allows you to change all vars, even blocked and cheat ones)
* Config saving (saves config on closing of the menu)
Saves your configuration so everytime you go ingame the hack is already started and working for you. No need to turn it all on again.
* Submenus
Pick various options in sub menus to leave on or off.