Friday, August 28, 2009

League Proof Call of Duty 4 Hacks

League Proof Call of Duty 4 Hacks
We are now offering League Proof hacks for Call of Duty 4 by R4z8r. Your membership comes with a full COD4 RAGE hack and our COD4 LEAGUE proof hack. The League proof hack has NO visuals, meaning if any of the 20+ anti cheat programs are taking pictures of you it won't matter one bit because nobody can prove your hacking. It's such a secret you might not even know yourself! The aimbot is hidden so well you can even use it at a full LAN event without getting caught. Do you play in a League and want to hack without ever getting caught? Then get R4z8r's VIP COD4 Hack now!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free Call of Duty 4 Hacks

FREE COD4 HACK GIVE AWAY!!! is giving away FREE COD4 HACKS to test to see how good our hacks actually are. We suggest you ONLY TEST on non PB SERVERS as these hacks are detected by PunkBuster and will get you banned if you use these on PunkBuster servers. If you want undetected hacks please purchase our VIP hack memberships. You can use these hacks as long as you want on NON PB SERVERS and we will remove them once they are patched. ENJOY!!!