Sunday, July 6, 2008

Call of Duty 4 Hacks Updated to Patch v1.7

Our #1 Rated Call of Duty 4 Hack has been updated to work on patch v1.7. Our Aimbot hack has over 70 features and is the fastest and best aimbot in the world! Check us out online at


-Go all out and win in minutes or configure to use in tournaments!
-Lock on and aim with any key you want to use
-Kill through walls: Lock on and kill the enemy behind walls!
-Location prediction for more accurate killing (adjust for ping)
-Lighting fast multikill: Kill more than 1 person a second!
-Auto Fire: Hold down one key to lock on and fire
-Aim lock: Lock on and stay locked on until the enemy is dead
-Crosshair: Always have a crosshair in the center
-Humanised Aiming
-No recoil
-Bullet correction

-Chams: Colored player colors on the models for easier location
-Player names: See the names of all players above their head
-Bounding boxes: Square boxes around the enemy for better location
-Grenades: See when and where a grenade is at all times
-Weapons: See the weapon the enemy uses
-Distance: Shows you how far away the enemy is located
-Color friend and enemy: Change colors of the bounding boxed
-Throughwalls: See the enemy behind walls and kill them
-Change the height, color and font of everything

-See players through all walls. The hack will only lock on and kill
when a player can be killed through the wall.

-Stas screen: Track your headshots, deaths, kills, etc
-Kill Display: See MOnster kills, Ultra kills, etc on screen
-Crosshair in the center of your screen at all times.
-Headtag so you can see where the head is located and moving
-Stat screen to track your kills and deaths + headshots

*Anti Kick
-Keeps you from being kicked by player votes ingame.

-No recoil: Removes the weapons recoil
-No shellshock: Don't slow down from being hit by grenades
-No fog: Turn off the fog in maps.

-Kill Spammer: Spam the chat and let the player know he just got owned!
-Cvar Unlocker: Use to enter various codes in the console
-Kill Stat & Sounds: Keeps track of your ingame kills with sounds!
Kill Count / Sound Played
15 kills - Taken the lead
20 kills - Killing spree
25 kills - Dominating
30 kills - Rampage
35 kills - Unstoppable
40 kills - God Like

-PB Proof: Currently 100% undetected by PunkBuster. Simply check our
forum daily for detection status before playing. If PunkBuster detects
it we will recode and release a new build FREE!
-Clean SS: If an admin screenshots you it returns a clean SS.


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